• 会員様限定特典
  • 会員様限定特典
  • 会員様限定特典
  • 会員様限定特典

This is an introduction of the members-only benefits.
              Harumi Nakaya

Maple Arima member 2 large Offer!

Extend the check-out until 12:00

Checkout time is 11:00.
if Maple Arima Homepage Member, checkout time is at 12:00
Please spend a pleasant time and spacious.

Offer a discount plan for members!

In a particular day is Available in the Special accommodation plan
We have published a plan by the members-only page.
After membership registration, please check in from the Login page.

Member registration page is here.

Members Only 
How to use special offers plan

  • Please register on the Maple official website member.
    • Click a following「Registration is from here」 and after inputting a mail address to a member temporary registration screen, please send.
    • I’ll send a guide mail of “member temporary completing registration” to the mail address you input.Click a link of this meeting one registration in the mail, and after inputting requirements, please register.
    • I’ll send the mail of “this member completing registration” to the mail address
  • Please log in after registration and choose a plan.

【Method of login】
Please log in by the mail address you registered and a password.

Member registration page is here.Login page is here

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